On encourage les NéoÉcossais à se faire vacciner tôt contre la grippe

first_img Une bonne hygiène, par exemple le fait de se laver les mains et de se couvrir le nez et la bouche pour tousser ou éternuer, est également importante pour prévenir la propagation de la grippe et de nombreuses autres maladies. Les gens qui présentent des symptômes de la grippe doivent rester à la maison et minimiser leur contact direct avec les autres. Les symptômes de la grippe incluent souvent une fièvre élevée et soudaine, un mal de tête, des douleurs générales, la fatigue et la faiblesse, l’écoulement nasal, la congestion, l’éternuement et le mal de gorge. La grippe peut entraîner une maladie plus grave telle que la pneumonie ou même la mort. Pour obtenir plus d’information sur la grippe, consultez le novascotia.ca/dhw/cdpc/flu-fr.as . On encourage les Néo-Écossais à se faire vacciner contre la grippe dès que possible. « Le vaccin est le moyen le plus sécuritaire et le plus efficace de vous protéger et de protéger vos proches contre la grippe, affirme Leo Glavine, ministre de la Santé et du Mieux-être. Nous encourageons tout le monde à se préparer et à se faire vacciner contre la grippe avant les fêtes de Noël. » Le vaccin contre la grippe saisonnière est disponible auprès de la plupart des pharmacies, des médecins de familles, des infirmières en milieu familial, des infirmières praticiennes, de nombreux lieux de travail et des cliniques offertes par certains bureaux de la Santé publique. « L’année dernière, 40 pour 100 des Néo-Écossais ont reçu le vaccin contre la grippe, et nous espérons que ce nombre augmentera cette année, souligne le Dr Frank Atherton, médecin-hygiéniste en chef adjoint de la Nouvelle-Écosse. Notre programme public de vaccination est une partie importante de l’engagement du gouvernement à promouvoir la santé et à prévenir les maladies. » Le gouvernement provincial offre le vaccin quadrivalent recommandé par le Comité consultatif national de l’immunisation. Le vaccin contient deux souches de l’influenza de type A et deux souches de l’influenza de type B. On recommande fortement aux personnes qui font partie des groupes à risque élevé suivants de se faire vacciner : les aînés les enfants de six mois à cinq ans les personnes autochtones les femmes enceintes les personnes atteintes d’une maladie chronique comme les maladies du cœur, l’asthme ou le diabète les personnes qui habitent avec une personne membre d’un groupe à risque élevé ou qui en prennent soinlast_img read more

Moroccos Autonomy Plan for Sahara Would Benefit Sahrawis Bourita

Rabat – Nasser Bourita, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that Morocco’s autonomy plan for the Sahara region is part of the country’s ongoing efforts to build a democratic and modern society based on the rule of law; individual, collective, and economic freedoms; and social development.In an address read on behalf of the Permanent Representative of Morocco to the UN Omar Hilale, Bourita stressed that Morocco’s initiative was established within the framework of international legality “to guarantee all the collective and individual rights as decided by international instruments, in particular those relating to human rights, natural resources, and the self-determination principle.”“The autonomy plan presented by Morocco has been developed to guarantee all Sahrawis outside and inside, in their pluralistic, tribal, and intergenerational composition, their full place and role, without discrimination or exclusivity.” The autonomy plan presented by Morocco provides for the establishment of an order of far-reaching constitutional and political principles, which will allow the inhabitants of the Sahara to democratically manage their affairs through legislative, executive, and judicial bodies with exclusive competences, he explained. Bourita further emphasized that the Saharan regions will have the necessary financial resources for their development in all fields, while participating actively in the economic, social, and cultural life of Morocco.Bourita pointed out that the city of Dakhla “is an exemplary illustration of the efforts made by the Kingdom of Morocco and its vision for the development of the southern provinces.”“Like all other Saharan cities, Dakhla has experienced in recent years a profound transformation and substantial progress at all levels that has made it today a flagship and exemplary city for the Kingdom of Morocco at the international level.”Read Also: US Reaffirms that Morocco’s Autonomy Plan is ‘Serious, Credible and Realistic’The minister recalled that a new development plan for the southern provinces has been created, stating that a budget of more than MAD 77 billion has been allocated for various projects in the economic and industrial fields, agriculture, marine fisheries, tourism, promotion of Hassani culture, health services, education, technology, and infrastructure.The objective of Morocco is to allow the Sahara to play its historical role as a hub for trade between Morocco and Africa and also with the countries of the north, the minister said.  He also noted that the Sahara will be established as a reference geostrategic space, for peace, stability, and shared prosperity for the entire Euro-African region as well as for the rest of the Sahel-Saharan region.“The opportunities offered by the advanced regionalization and development efforts led by Morocco will make the Sahara region an integrated economic hub, and will help to promote the success of the autonomy plan proposed by the Kingdom of Morocco for the settlement of this artificial dispute,” the minister added.Bourita’s address was given on the occasion of the opening of the International Academic Conference “Models of Territorial Self-Government: Common Points and differences,” held July 2-3 in Dakhla. read more

Bank of Canadas Poloz says mortgage market should offer more product choices

OTTAWA — Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz says it’s time for fresh ideas when it comes to mortgage options in Canada.In a speech today in Winnipeg, Poloz says changes could include encouraging loan terms longer than five years, the creation of a market for private mortgage-based securities and the launch of shared-equity mortgages for first-time home buyers.He says these innovations would help provide more flexibility for borrowers, lenders and investors, while also lowering risks in the financial system.Poloz says the system has worked well — but notes there’s always room for improvements, particularly since few mortgage-market innovations have been introduced in his lifetime.In its spring budget, the federal government said it would create shared-equity mortgages as a way to provide interest-free loans to help first-time home buyers add to their down payments.Poloz is making the recommendations as he monitors three key housing-market stories — the oil-slump-driven slowdown in Alberta and Saskatchewan, the steep drop in resale activity in Toronto and Vancouver, and steady growth in many other parts of Canada.The Canadian Press read more

New UNbacked voluntary programme seeks to curb toxic mercury pollution

The programme, agreed to by 140 governments at the close of a gathering of environment ministers at the UN Environment Programmes (UNEP) Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, last week, calls for developing partnerships between governments, industry and other key groups to curb mercury emissions, ranging from power stations and mines to industrial and consumer products. After two years, governments will gauge its success and reflect on whether the voluntary initiative has worked or whether negotiations should commence on a new international and legally-binding treaty. Part of the new programme may mirror a successful UNEP-coordinated partnership to clean up vehicle fuels in developing countries. In four years this voluntary partnership, launched at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002, has phased out lead, another notorious heavy metal, from petrol pumps across sub-Saharan Africa. “The mercury decision… underlines a new determination by environment ministers to rise to the challenges of our time,” UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner said. “For too long environment ministers have met and spoken but their collective voice has not been loudly and decisively heard in the world. This, I believe has changed at this 24th session of the UNEP Governing Council.” An estimated 2,000 tons of mercury are released into the environment each year, mainly from coal-fired power stations, waste incinerators and as a result of artisanal mining of gold and silver. The metal is also used in such products as fluorescent light bulbs, dental fillings and thermometers. Action is to be taken to improve communication of the risks of mercury to vulnerable groups, including pregnant mothers who may put the foetus at risk if they eat too much mercury-contaminated fish or marine mammals such as seals. 14 February 2007Governments have two years to see whether a voluntary programme to reduce health and environmental threats from toxic mercury is working under a new United Nations-backed initiative or if a legally-binding treaty is needed to curb the heavy metal linked with a wide range of medical problems, including neurological damage to babies. read more

Innovation key in combating climate change Germany tells General Assembly

“Anyone who’s serious about combating climate change has to build on innovation, new technologies and exchange,” Guido Westerwelle, Germany’s Vice Chancellor and Minister for Foreign Affairs told the General Assembly’s high-level debate at UN Headquarters in New York.“Germany will contribute its technological expertise, for example in the fields of renewable energies and energy efficiency.“In this way we’re turning the challenge of climate change into opportunity for fair development and enhanced cooperation. Climate policy is a cornerstone of any sustainable development policy,” Mr. Westerwelle said.He said Germany’s “forward-looking energy strategy” will enable the country to have 80 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2050.Germany has also pledged to reduce its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by the 40 per cent by 2020, compared to the 1990 baseline. “Even now, we have reduced our carbon dioxide emissions by 30 per cent. We are pioneers in the field of climate protection,” Mr. Westerwelle added.He also stressed the importance of education, saying it was key to development, helped protect people from oppression and discrimination, and eliminated prejudices.“It is because education will determine whether societies succeed or fail in tomorrow’s world that Germany is one of the major international partners for learning. By building on education, we building bridges to the future for the young people of today,” Mr. Westerwelle said.In a meeting with Mr. Westerwelle on the sidelines of the Assembly’s high-level debate, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon thanked Germany for its consistent support of the UN and recognized the country’s contributions in efforts to fight climate change. Mr. Ban also expressed appreciation of Germany’s help in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Sudan and Somalia. 25 September 2010Germany today emphasized innovation in efforts to combat climate change, telling the General Assembly to that it will contribute its technological expertise in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency to help both developed and developing countries build sustainable development. read more

Top Canadian scientists urge cautious approach to fracking until more known of

A report from a panel of top Canadian scientists is urging a go-slow approach to the booming industry of hydraulic natural gas fracking.So little is known about the long-term impacts of extracting gas by fracturing rock beds with high-pressure fluids that scientists and regulators need to start now to understand how to develop the resource safely and cleanly, said co-author Rick Chalaturnyk, an engineering professor at the University of Alberta.“Perhaps cautionary is the right philosophy,” he said. “We really do stand a chance to put in place the regulatory framework to answer the questions around environmental impact.”Chalaturnyk was part of a panel formed by the Council of Canadian Academies, an independent organization that brings together university researchers from across Canada to look at public policy issues. It was asked by Environment Canada in 2012 to examine fracking and drew its conclusions from publicly available, peer-reviewed research.Its 292-page report says that the economic benefits could be significant across Canada. There are substantial or potential deposits of shale gas in all provinces and territories except Manitoba, Prince Edward Island and Nunavut.“Canada’s shale gas resources dwarf the 60.4 trillion cubic feet of marketable gas reserves that the National Energy Board estimated remained in Canada at the end of 2010,“ says the report.However, it found significant uncertainty on the risks to the environment and human health, which include possible contamination of ground water as well as exposure to poorly understood mixtures of chemicals.“The scale and pace at which shale gas resources are being developed are challenging the ability to assess and manage their environmental impacts.”The effects on ground water from fracking water pumped underneath the surface are one concern.“There is reason to believe that shale gas development poses a risk to water resources, but the extent of that risk, and whether substantial damage has already occurred, cannot be assessed because of a lack of scientific data and understanding,” the report says.Exposure to chemicals is another. A long list of substances must be added to fracking water and their possible effects on human and environmental health are unknown. Some jurisdictions don’t even require industry to list what chemicals are being used.“There is only minimal reference literature and no peer-reviewed literature that assess the potential for the various chemicals in hydraulic fracturing fluids to persist, migrate and impact the various types of subsurface systems or to discharge to surface waters.”Many suggest that increased fracking could help mitigate climate change through the increased use of natural gas, which emits less carbon than fuels such as coal. The council’s report notes that natural gas is itself a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide, and emissions from leaking wells could outweigh the benefit from replacing other fuels.The report also notes that fracking has only been around for 10 years or so in Canada — not enough time to assess its long-term effects, which could play out over decades.It warned against being blinded by the lure of big bucks. “The lessons provided by the history of science and technology concerning all major energy sources and many other industrial initiatives show that substantial environmental impacts were typically not anticipated,” the report says.“What is perhaps more alarming is that where substantial adverse impacts were anticipated, these concerns were dismissed or ignored by those who embraced the expected positive benefits of the economic activities that produced those impacts.”Chalaturnyk said the report should form the basis of a much-needed political, regulatory and public debate about understanding and managing the industry. “The public needs to be firmly engaged in this conversation.” read more

ICE Futures Canada quotes and cash prices

WINNIPEG — Grain quotes Tuesday for tonnes, basis Lakehead:Canola (Vancouver): Open High Low Close MonJuly ‘ 17 0.00 0.00 0.00 579.20 582.80Nov. 530.00 532.50 524.40 527.20 530.40Jan. ’18 532.10 535.30 528.40 531.00 533.60March 535.10 537.70 532.00 534.00 536.90May 533.30 537.90 532.70 533.50 537.10July 533.40 538.40 531.20 533.70 537.80Nov. 489.10 491.10 486.30 490.00 497.30Jan. ’19 0.00 0.00 0.00 490.70 498.00March 0.00 0.00 0.00 490.70 498.00May 0.00 0.00 0.00 490.70 498.00July 0.00 0.00 0.00 490.70 498.00Barley (Western): Open High Low Close MonJuly ’17 0.00 0.00 0.00 138.00 138.00Oct. 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00Dec. 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00March ’18 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00May 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00July 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00Oct. 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00Dec. 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00March ’19 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00May 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00July 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00ICE Futures Canada cash prices:Feed wheat: Track Thunder Bay CW: $178.00Canola:Thunder Bay No. 1 Canada: $532.20 (November 2017)Vancouver No. 1 Canada: $552.20 (November 2017) read more

MR says Asia should not be a playground for others

The President also noted that Asia is confronted with pressing challenges such as the menace of terrorism, piracy, climate change, natural disasters, environmental pollution and anti-social activities and he these challenges are a call for greater cooperation as is seen in the ACD.“One other challenge many developing countries, such as mine, are facing is the burden placed on the developing world by rapidly fluctuating oil prices. This has imposed a heavy strain on our resources thereby hampering our long term plans on development,” the President added. The countries of Asia can succeed in rebuilding our continent by greater reliance on our cultural affinity, rich history, and the strength of our human resources, the President added. President Mahinda Rajapaksa says the Asian Continent cannot be the playground of other forces, who seek its wealth, assets of nature and human resources.Addressing the first Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) Summit in Kuwait the President said that Asia’s progress must draw from the best of its own cultures, while learning from the best of others who come with genuine friendship. He said that Asia should strive to regain and safeguard its independence that is challenged on many fronts and across many borders. read more

Call for papers extended for Immersive Worlds conference

Those interested in presenting at the Interacting with Immersive Worlds Conference have until Feb. 28 to submit.Conference organizers have extended the call for papers for the third annual conference.Scheduled for June 13 and 14 at Brock, the event will include keynote addresses from Prof. David Benyon from Edinburgh Napier University in the U.K. and Jon-Paul Dyson, director of the International Center for the History of Electronic Games at the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY.The conference is a forum to explore the growing cultural significance of interactive media and art, games, and other forms of augmented reality.

Talbot Gardens Rec Centre in good condition report

Engineers who inspected Talbot Gardens and the Simcoe Recreation Centre say the buildings are in good shape and won’t cost a huge amount to maintain over the next 20 years.If Norfolk consolidates these facilities into a community hub, they will likely be closed and sold or demolished.For its part, the Adult Community Centre on Pond Street – home of the Simcoe Seniors Centre – needs help. A recent engineer’s report cites a long list of expensive repairs to bring it up to community-institutional standards.Were a community hub built in Simcoe, the ACC would likely be closed and sold or demolished as well.These conclusions are contained in a report that will be tabled at Wednesday’s meeting of Norfolk council.The 11-page report is among the last contributions CAO David Cribbs made to council deliberations before his resignation Jan. 15.The building assessments were performed by consulting engineers Peto MacCallum Ltd. Their report said “the overall state of Talbot Gardens is in good condition.” The Simcoe Recreation Centre is also “in good condition” while the ACC is “in poor to fair condition.”Cribbs’ report adds that demolishing Talbot Gardens would cost about $307,000. Demolishing the Simcoe Recreation Centre would cost more than $290,000.Demolishing the ACC would cost about $250,000. Each demolition, the report says, would take four months to complete.Peto MacCallum says expected repairs and replacements at Talbot Gardens will cost about $2.6 million over the next 20 years. Immediate repairs at Talbot Gardens this year are in the range of $39,000.Peto MacCallum estimates basic repairs and replacements at the Simcoe Recreation Centre will cost about $2.2 million over the next 20 years. Care and upkeep this year is pegged at $76,000.The ACC was constructed in the 1800s. For many years, it was a major manufacturing complex in Simcoe. The cost of care and upkeep over the next 20 years — $2.4 million – are in the same range as the other two buildings.However, Peto MacCallum says repairs to the ACC needed in the short term will cost about $1 million.“The review of visible elements indicated that the foundation walls appear to be in poor condition,” Cribbs’ report says.“Cracks, severe spalling, delaminated and broken masonry and active leaks were noted on the foundation walls in the basement and above grade too. (A) metal post supporting a cracked wood beam was noted in the south basement. A few inches of standing water was noted on the basement floor.”The report says the community hub concept “has the potential to be one of – if not the most significant — project in Norfolk County’s history.” Cost estimates range from $40 million to $60 million. Cribbs’ report says “it remains unclear if the current provincial government will be willing to contribute to recreational facilities.”For its part, Haldimand-Norfolk Health and Social Services notes that the Grand Erie District School Board’s reconstruction of Elgin Avenue Public School included plans for a daycare centre in this part of Simcoe.The daycare centre was put on hold last year when tenders for the reconstruction of Elgin Avenue PS came in several million dollars over budget.“This project is now on hold by the Ministry of Education for an undetermined amount of time,” Cribbs says in his report. “Should the project not be completed, there would be a service gap for licensed childcare and EarlyON services in Norfolk County – Simcoe specifically – that could be filled by including these services as part of the Norplex Hub.”According to Ministry of Education licensing guidelines, a replacement daycare centre must have the capacity to accommodate 10 infants, 15 toddlers and 24 pre-school aged children.Cribbs’ report was submitted by Bill Cridland, Norfolk’s general manager of community services. It will be considered during the public portion of Wednesday’s council meeting. Wednesday’s agenda also includes an in-camera item related to the community hub.This week’s meeting of Norfolk council will be held Wednesday instead of Tuesday because some council members are attending the annual meeting of the Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA) in Toronto this week.MSonnenberg@postmedia.com read more

GOP targets financial rules enacted after US economic crisis

GOP targets financial rules enacted after US economic crisis by Kevin Freking, The Associated Press Posted May 2, 2017 2:14 am MDT Last Updated May 2, 2017 at 11:20 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email WASHINGTON – Republicans on Tuesday cast former President Barack Obama’s law overhauling the nation’s financial rules as an obstacle to economic growth as a House panel launched a marathon session to undo much of the Wall Street regulations.The Financial Services Committee, led by Texas Rep. Jeb Hensarling, started the painstaking work of crafting legislation that would repeal about 40 provisions of the Dodd-Frank law that Congress pass and Obama signed in 2010 after the financial meltdown two years earlier.“Regrettably, thanks to Dodd-Frank, too many garages in our nation are full of old cars instead of new startup small business,” Hensarling said. “It’s time for the bailouts to end. It’s time to help small businesses on Main Street.”Democrats accused the GOP of amnesia about what led to the meltdown that pushed the economy to near collapse. They said Hensarling’s bill would gut consumer protection and allow banks to make the kind of risky investments that required taxpayers to come to the rescue of the nation’s largest financial institutions nearly a decade ago.“It’s an invitation for another Great Recession or worse,” said Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif.The 2010 Dodd-Frank law put the stiffest restrictions on banks and Wall Street since the 1930s Depression. It clamped down on banking practices and expanded consumer protections to restrain reckless conduct by financial firms and prevent a repeat of the 2008 meltdown.Hensarling’s bill targets the heart of the law’s restrictions on banks by offering a trade-off: Banks could qualify for most of the regulatory relief in the bill so long as they meet a strict basic requirement for building capital to cover unexpected big losses. He says the capital requirements will work as an insurance policy against a financial institution going out of business.Republicans are likely to pass the measure in the House. But the bill faces significant obstacles in the Senate where leaders have emphasized their desire to find areas of agreement to enhance economic growth.Hensarling also targets the consumer protection agency that Congress established after the financial crisis, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, reducing its powers and making it easier for the president to remove its director.Democratic lawmakers referred to Hensarling’s legislation as a Wall Street deregulation wish-list. Rep. Michael Capuano, D-Mass., said Republicans could have written a much narrower bill to help small banks and credit unions if that were their primary aim. Instead, he said they put together a bill for “Wall Street fat cats.”Republican Rep. Bill Huizenga of Michigan accused Democrats of engaging in hyperbole “at an insane level.” And Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla., said Dodd-Frank has harmed every small local bank and credit union in his congressional district. read more

New figures reveal 29 million cars on GB roads

Note to editors: The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) 2003 Motorparc data is now available for all vehicle types on the road. Reports are available on a national basis or at regional level, down to the postcode district of registered keepers. The biggest increase has come from diesel models. By the end of 2002 there were 4,083,055 examples on the road, but this rose 12.7 per cent to 4,602,607 models in 2003. The trend mirrors the increase in sales of new diesel models, which have more than doubled in four years from 303,925 units in 1999 to 704,637 in 2003. In addition to data for cars, SMMT Motorparc figures confirm that there were 3,471,256trucks and other commercial vehicles on the road at the end of 2003. The figure compares to 3,390,370 units at the end of 2002, an increase of 2.4 per cent. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Latest SMMT Motorparc data reveals that there were 29,007,820 cars on the road at the end of 2003. The car ‘parc’ has risen by 1.84 per cent since the previous survey at the end of 2002 when figures showed a total of 28,483,961 cars. The number of buses and coaches with more than 17 seats has also increased from 96,591 to 97,815 units while motorcycle numbers have risen 4.4 per cent from 1,278,596 to 1,334,539. read more

Mens Basketball Ohio States seasonopening win solidified tournament resume

Chris Holtmann claps in affirmation in the first half of the game against Rutgers on Feb. 2. Ohio State won 76-62. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorChris Holtmann had to start over. After inheriting what became the Big Ten Player of the Year in Keita Bates-Diop and forward Jae’Sean Tate from the Thad Matta regime in his first season as the Ohio State head coach, Holtmann had to mold his team into something else entirely in his second season. Ohio State was not going to be the same team during the 2018-19 season without Tate and Bates-Diop. Holtmann was tasked with rebuilding his roster from the ground up, relying on unproven talent, including a four-member 2018 recruiting class. But Holtmann had the same goal for his team in his second season as the first: getting a bid in the NCAA Tournament.“I thought we would have to play well. I did,” Holtmann said. “I thought it was if we played well, I thought it could be very, very close.” However, the rebuilding process would have to happen a lot quicker than anticipated. Ohio State would open the season in Cincinnati on Nov. 7, taking on the Bearcats in one of 14 Quadrant 1 games the Buckeyes would play this season, according to the NET rankings. Ohio State would leave Cincinnati with a 64-56 win in their first regular season matchup since 1921, as well as momentum heading into a season full of unknowns. That momentum did not remain consistent, and the unknowns were never fully answered, but when Holtmann thought about the season as a whole with his team in the NCAA Tournament as an 11 seed, it was the first game that came to mind. “It wasn’t like, ‘OK, you are going to play your way into figuring out who you are,’” Holtmann said. “We had to be pretty good on opening night or else you are missing out on an opportunity that could prove valuable, and it obviously proved very valuable.”Holtmann felt he had to create and define Ohio State’s identity prior to the first game of the season, one that was completely different than the five-seed NCAA Tournament team he had in his first season. And many aspects of that identity have remained integral as the season continued, heading into the Buckeyes’ first round matchup with Iowa State in the tournament. Sophomore forward Kaleb Wesson was key offensively against the Bearcats, leading Ohio State with 15 points, making 5-of-9 from the field. It was the first of six games in which Wesson shot over 50 percent from the field, becoming the Buckeyes’ leading scorer and rebounder, and the player many opposing defenses planned around. But Ohio State’s overall offensive approach did not prove to be based solely on Wesson from the start of the season. Instead, the Buckeyes’ approach was to be better from deep than it was a year ago. After hitting 3-of-11 from 3 in the first half, Ohio State connected on 5-of-9 in the second, leaving Cincinnati hitting 40 percent of its 3-point attempts. Despite his 2-of-7 start to the season, senior guard C.J. Jackson has continued that trajectory, hitting 38.2 percent of his shots from 3 on a team-high 152 attempts. Freshman guard Luther Muhammad, making his first collegiate start, also proved to be much more aggressive than he was throughout the regular season. He made 4-of-10 from the field, one of six games this season in which he had double-digit shot attempts, for 11 points, one of 12 double-digit scoring games. But it was not until the postgame that storylines began to be established for Ohio State. Holtmann called the win against the Bearcats a good test of resiliency for his team on the road, saying he was interested to see if that toughness would remain throughout the season. Ohio State ended the season winning five of 12 true road games, including only 2-of-7 road games against conference opponents. With the new faces on the roster, Holtmann was not ready to begin making sweeping statements on the quality of his team after one win, instead focusing on what was immediately next: tomorrow’s practice. A sweeping statement would prove to be useless to describe Ohio State. After winning 12 of their first 13 games of the season, the Buckeyes lost five of their next six games, ending the season with an 8-12 record in Big Ten play. But Holtmann did get an idea of what his players could be, from Muhammad’s fiery personality — earning a technical foul in his first game — to the leadership of Jackson and redshirt senior guard Keyshawn Woods. Holtmann said Sunday he has seen many members of his roster, including players who stepped up in the win against Cincinnati, perform in their new roles, giving them a chance at enough success for postseason play. But an identity was never truly established. “We have never coached a team with this number of new faces, and you are trying to figure out with each passing day who we are and who we are becoming,” Holtmann said. “That’s been the challenge.” And as the season continued, other storylines developed: foul trouble, Kaleb Wesson’s suspension, the freshman highs and lows, including Muhammad’s late-season struggles, and injuries to Jackson and sophomore forward Kyle Young. But to Jackson, Ohio State, through its ups and downs, achieved its preseason goal, the same goal the team had with Bates-Diop and Tate. “We did what we had to do throughout the season to put ourselves in position to make the NCAA Tournament,” Jackson said. “So at the end of the day, especially with the young team, that’s all you can ask for.” Even without a true identity, without knowing who would be the main offensive leader or the leader in the locker room, Ohio State still found a way to beat Cincinnati, a team that will go into the tournament as a seven seed. “We have had our struggles. We have, there’s no doubting that, and we all take responsibility for that,” Holtmann said. “But we have also won some games, and we won some important games certainly beginning with our very first one.” read more

Holiday scammers who falsely claimed compensation for food poisoning could be jailed

first_imgHe added: “That is in the forefront of my mind, it would be flying in the face of common sense to think this is an isolated incident.”This offence is outside the [sentencing] guidelines because it encourages a tsunami of false claims.”All options are open at this stage and this is a serious case and it may be that a custodial sentence will follow to show the importance of your wrongdoing.” Jade Muzoka could now face jail alongside her former partnerCredit:Eugene Henderson Tim Hunter, representing Tui, told the judge: “Both enjoyed a holiday at the Cornelia Golf Resort and Spa in Turkey in July 2015 which passed without incident or complaint Leon Roberts tucks into a meal on holiday in TurkeyCredit:Eugene Henderson Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Holiday scammers who falsely claimed compensation for food poisoning may be jailed to prevent a “tsunami of false claims,” a judge has today announced. District Judge Jonathan Taffe has warned a couple who lied to a holiday company about being ill whilst in Turkey that they could face a custodial sentence as a deterrent against the “tsunami” of fictitious compensation claims. Leon Roberts and Jade Muzoka from Derby made the claim against holiday and tour operator Thomson, now known as Tui. They said they had been bedridden with food poisoning, but suspicions arose when the duo uploaded 79 photos of their holiday on social media.At an earlier hearing Roberts, 38, and mum-of-two Muzoka, 27, pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation in relation to their holiday in 2015.Adjourning the case District Judge Taffe said it appeared the matter had “crossed” the custody threshold and he would be considering a jail sentence. Jade Muzoka could now face jail alongside her former partner Leon Roberts tucks into a meal on holiday in Turkey “Apparently from social media it appears both had a very enjoyable time.”The couples claim came 10 months after returning from Turkey, filing for approximately £3,000 damages alleging they had suffered illness as well as providing a doctor’s report.last_img read more

Concern for teenage boy 16 who has been missing since Monday

first_img Image: Garda Press Office Jan 13th 2017, 10:39 PM Short URL Concern for teenage boy (16) who has been missing since Monday Michael Green was last seen in the Smithfield area of Dublin on Monday morning. 11 Comments Friday 13 Jan 2017, 10:39 PM By Órla Ryan Image: Garda Press Office GARDAÍ ARE SEEKING the public’s help in finding a 16-year-old boy who is missing from Bluebell, Dublin 12.Michael Green was last seen at approximately 11am on Monday, 9 January in the Smithfield area of Dublin 7.He is described as being 5’10″ in height, of slim build, with auburn hair and blue eyes.When last seen he was wearing a grey tracksuit and white runners. He is known to frequent the Inchicore area of Dublin.Anyone who has seen Michael or who can assist in locating him is asked to contact Kilmainham Garda Station on 01 666 9700, the Garda Confidential Line on 1800 666 111 or any garda station.Read: Termination notices sent to Limerick apartment residents to be withdrawn Share Tweet Email1 http://jrnl.ie/3186277 16,916 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Remote Play Brings PlayStation 4 Games To iOS

first_imgStay on target Sorry, You Can’t Date Keanu Reeves in ‘Cyberpunk 2077”Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form The PlayStation Vita may be out of its misery at last with no portable PlayStation successor in sight, but that doesn’t mean Sony is totally abandoning the idea of handheld gaming. The most recent 6.50 firmware update for PlayStation 4 adds support for Remote Play on iOS. With this free app you can now enjoy PlayStation 4 games on the go from the comfort of your own iPhone or iPad.Remote Play functionality isn’t new for PlayStation 4. Previously, PS4 owners with a solid enough internet connection could use it to stream games to their Vita. Sony even began bundling Vitas with PS4s in the hopes this feature would make Vitas as popular as their consoles siblings.The functionality in this iOS app seems pretty similar. Your iOS device mirrors your PS4 screen and you can control the console using the device. You can even use the keyboard and microphone on your phone for chat. However, you do have to use virtual buttons and sticks on the touch screen as controls. Some complained that the Vita didn’t have quite as many buttons needed to fully replicate a DualShock 4, and an iOS device is even more limited. You can’t pair a DualShock via Blueooth but some iPhone traditional MFi controllers are apparently compatible though.PS4 Remote Play on iOS is just the next step in how streaming is a huge part of the future of video games. Along with Remote Play on Vita Sony has also been leading this charge with its PlayStation Now streaming service for PC and consoles. Google is bringing AAA games to browser with Project Stream. Microsoft’s Game Pass and xCloud want to deliver Xbox games to all devices imaginable. And even the Nintendo Switch in Japan is streaming games more powerful than the hardware can natively allow like Resident Evil 7 and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.So snag the latest PS4 update and try out Remote Play on iOS for yourself. No Android version yet. It’s the best PlayStation phone experience you can have since the Xperia Play. For more on PlayStation check out our review of the PlayStation Classic and read our reasons why Sony is skipping E3 this year.last_img read more

Judge hears appeal of 2008 murderforhire conviction

first_imgA Clark County judge is hearing testimony this week on the 2008 conviction of a Vancouver man who tried to hire four men to kill his wife.Dino Constance is appealing his conviction and accusing Prosecutor Tony Golik, who tried Constance’s case as a deputy prosecutor, of prosecutorial misconduct. He’s also alleging that his defense attorney didn’t adequately represent him.Constance filed his appeal just weeks before the November election for prosecuting attorney, which pitted Golik against Vancouver Senior Assistant City Attorney Brent Boger. Golik won.Boger had tried to use Constance’s allegations in the appeal to discredit Golik to voters. Constance, through his Seattle attorney, Neil Fox, accuses Golik of, among other things, not disclosing certain information about witnesses during the trial. Clark County Superior Court Judge Robert Lewis will take up these issues after at least two days of testimony from witnesses who took part in the 2008 trial.last_img read more

CES 2019 This modern Pong table is better than it has any

first_imgDan Ackerman/CNET There’s plenty of high-tech gaming gear at CES 2019, from massive gaming laptops to VR headsets, but the most fun I had demoing a gaming product this year involved motors and magnets. This decidedly analog recreation of the classic Pong game — originally created by Atari and designer Al Alcorn in 1972 — has gone from a Kickstarter idea funded to the tune of about $335,000 in 2017 to a commercial product manufactured by a major arcade game company. It made an initial appearance last year at CES 2018, but new for 2019 are a taller cocktail table version and a colorful, customizable coin-op version designed for arcades. Prices for those are TBD, but the basic coffee table version is $2,999 (about £2,350 or AU$4,175). img-4437The new cocktail table version of Pong.  Dan Ackerman/CNET This is one of those ideas that seems underwhelming on paper, but is absolutely amazing in person. The simple two-paddles-and-a-square-puck game is recreated in 3D by two foam paddles and a foam square puck, which are controlled by a series of magnets and motors underneath the table, while you spin the control wheel to move your paddle. There’s one-on-one or you-versus-AI modes, with three levels of difficulty. There’s a zen-like quality to the repetition of simple actions (spinning a control dial), combined with the minimalist white-on-black visuals, that I found unexpectedly addicting.  Unlike the (also very fun) Arcade1UP machines, which attempt to mimic the original products they’re based on as faithfully as possible, this modern Pong filters its inspiration through the current vogue for analog entertainment (vinyl records, tabletop board games), and wouldn’t look out of place on a ’70s sci-fi TV show, or in my living room.  CES 2019 Tags 40 Photos See all the best laptops from CES 2019 Gaming Comment 1 Share your voice CES 2019: See all of CNET’s coverage of the year’s biggest tech show. CES schedule: It’s six days of jam-packed events. Here’s what to expect. CES Productslast_img read more

2010s Weirdest Tech Stories Part Two

first_imgAs we let on in the first part of this roundup, 2010 has been a banner year for weird tech news. When I sent out a note to our staff, asking for the top odd news of the year, I got far more responses than we could fit in a single story.After the jump, we’ve got a look back at the weird year that was, including lost iPhones, sex robots, time-traveling wireless customers, and exploding cell phones. Lost iPhone 4 or “Apple Hates Dropped Calls”Before the WikiLeaks really hit the fan, Apple’s own leaks were the top contender for the tech story of the year. The notoriously tight-lipped company let a prototype of the next generation iPhone out of their site for a bit, and, all of the sudden, all hell broke loss. The phone found its way into the hands of Gizmodo, which helped the Gawker-owned gadget blog become something of a household name with mentions in news outlets across the globe. The drama culminated with a police raid of Giz blogger Jason Chen’s home in Fremont, CA. As it turns out, the blog managed to get its hands on the device when it was left behind at a Redwood City bar by an Apple engineer who was out celebrating his birthday.Cell Phone Time newser or “Can You Heard Me Now?”A time traveler! Caught! On film! Video from the 1928 premier of Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus made the Web rounds back in April when a hawkeyed viewer noticed something strange–a woman walking through the frame appeared to be talking…on a cell phone. She was talking to herself and holding something to her face–there was only one logical answer: she’s a time traveler. Actually, it turned out she was use an old timey hearing aid. And the rest, as they say, is future history.Please Rob Me or “Four Scare”In February, Please Rob Me was launched. The site pulled Foursquare data from Twitter, pulling together a collection of users who were leaving their home unoccupied–and therefore ripe for the robbing. Please Rob Me was launched as an attempt to bring to light the security risks involved with checking in to location-based services and ultimately ended up becoming the target of outrage itself.Paul Ceglia or “The Man Without a Face”Paul Ceglia helped found the Ithaca Green Party. He built houses in the Bahamas and helped start up an eco-friendly cemetery. Also, he owns 84 percent of one of the world’s most popular Web sites–at least according to him. Ceglia, who also runs a wood pellet company, announced that Zuckerberg had effectively signed over the majority of the Web site to him in its nascent days. The deal apparently involved 50 percent ownership plus an additional one percent per day after January 1, 2004, until the site was completed. Facebook, not surprisingly, called the suit “completely frivolous.”Roxxxy the Sex Robot or “Electric Love”We met Roxxxy earlier this year at the AVN show in Las Vegas (we just happened to be town for that other little show, ces). We wrote up the robot’s debut and it became one of biggest stories of the year. So, how is this sex robot different from every other sex robot? Well, for one thing, ol’ Roxxxy has artificial intelligence and five different personalities (creepy, right?). Also, as we learned from our story, her creator was struck by a bolt of inspiration after the largest terrorist attacks on American soil. He told us, “after 9/11, I wanted to give back.”Exploding Droid 2 or “Screen Resolution”This isn’t the first time we heard tell of an exploding gadget, but it did have one of the odder non-resolutions. Earlier this month, a Texas man went to the emergency room after his Droid 2 apparently exploded next to his ear while he was talking. A couple of weeks later, we received word from a source at Motorola, claiming that the thing hadn’t actually exploded. Instead, according to the company’s investigation, he shattered the handset after dropping it and cut himself attempting to talk on the broken handset.last_img read more

Jangalmahal Utsav to kick off today

first_imgKolkata: Partha Chatterjee, the state Education and Parliamentary Affairs minister, will inaugurate the eight-day-long Jangalmahal Utsav at Jhargram on Thursday.State Transport minister Suvendu Adhikari will be the special guest. Shantiram Mahato, minister for Paschimanchal Unnayan Affairs department and Sukumar Hansda, Deputy Speaker, will be present at the inaugural function. The fair was started by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in 2013 to win the confidence of the people of Jangalmahal who had been under constant threats by the Maoists. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThe Mela will be held at the Kumudmumari Institution from January 24 to 31. Forty two state government departments will be put up at the fair to create awareness among the people. State government officials will be there to interact with the masses and iron out their problems. It may be mentioned that in the administrative review meetings held recently, the Chief Minister had asked the district officials to take initiative to make people aware about the various projects introduced by the state government. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseIn addition to these stalls, four districts of Jangalmahal, namely Jhargram, Purulia, West Midnapore and Bankura will put up stalls to highlight the activities that are going on in the districts. Paschimanchal Unnayan Affairs department will put up a stall to showcase the projects that have been taken up in the area. Cultural competitions have been continuing in 24 blocks of Jangalmahal and the award winners of the district-level contests will take part in the cultural shows. There are seven districts in Jangalmahal and each district has been allotted a day to showcase their cultural activities. There will be 100 stalls where artisans will put up various products that include wooden dolls, various room decoration items made of dokra. Forty groups comprising folk artistes from 24 blocks will be given musical instruments including dhama, madal and dhol. After coming to power in 2011, Banerjee started visiting Jangalmahal on a regular basis to win the confidence of people. The Maoists had established a reign of terror in the area. The students could not go to school and tourism was badly hit. The folk culture had nearly become extinct. To improve communication, several bridges had been constructed. To help the folk artistes nearly 2 lakh performers from all over the state are given monthly stipends and are invited to take part in programmes hosted by various state government departments. Tourism is coming up in a very big way in Jangalmahal.last_img read more