first_imgDecisive: “I am happy for the goal because all three points are important for the team, which wants to win the League.” League. We have suffered in the field of Valencia. Everything is possible there. Mestalla is a complicated field. We have to think about ourselves and not look at the other teams. If we focus on what we have to do, we do things very well.Barça. A season is very long and there are always ups and downs. We are very well now. In fields like these you leave the Leagues and we have won.Hazard He is recovering, but he hasn’t played since late November. You can’t wait for a week to have minutes. He hasn’t trained with the team yet. We have to be realists. We are waiting for you to help the team again.Champion team. We aspire to win the League, but we cannot think that in January we will be champions. Next week we play Atlético and they will come for everyone, even if they don’t come with a good run. I know Cholo and they will come strong.Criticisms of Simeone. In the end football does not stop. Although you have done many good things in the past, it is the present that counts. If they had won us on penalties maybe they would be at their best. They will come on Saturday to die at the Bernabéu.Kobe Bryant It is very sad because his daughter was also in the helicopter. It’s a shame because I’m an NBA fan and I grew up with him. Your winning mentality and working hard is what has left us as a legacy. Embrace with Zidane: “It was because it was a play that I was not going to climb, although I had climbed in almost all of them. In that one I was going to stay, the coach told me to go to the first suit and coincidences of life and destiny that the ball gave me it falls to me … “Less prominence: “At the level of minutes it is true that I am having a little less than the previous years. If I have to bet on someone it is for the coach. I have his confidence, which is the most important thing for me. I had a two month injury that was not easy, now I am 100% and available to the master for when he needs me. When things are going well or when things are going badly, this team is dead to the coach and is the key to the successes of these years. “Courtois: “I know Cholo and they will come strong”last_img

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