Follow these tips to win people over in business

first_imgAREC speaker Robert CialdiniBORING emails could take your business backwards, according to professor Robert Cialdini.The American professor described emailing as a “bloodless” way to communicate.“It’s not about the amount of information you give to someone, it’s what the information is about and the similarities people can relate to.”Cialdini, who was on the Gold Coast to speak at the Australasian Real Estate Conference, said instant trustworthiness can be as simple as smiling and liking someone.“Here’s what happens when people are uncertain, they take a step back, they are reluctant and they stay there until that uncertainty is resolved,” he said. “They want to be certain about the quality of people and the quality of information.“People will get off the fence and get into the game once they are sure about these two things.”More from news02:37Purchasers snap up every residence in the $40 million Siarn Palm Beach North7 hours ago02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa1 day ago“My three year old granddaughter said I was her favourite person because I liked her,” he said.“It’s the same in any other scenario, if you invite someone to a party they feel obliged to invite you. It’s a sense of obligation.“You won’t get a smile from someone if you don’t smile first,” he added.The American professor explained that people are hardwired to focus on what they are losing rather than what they are gaining.“There was a study where a supermarket limited these items per customer,” he said. “It showed that people wanted more just because they couldn’t have it.“People will stay on the fence about an idea in fear of losing something.”Cialdini said uncertainty drops when people are liked.“If a person likes you, you are more likely to trust them.”last_img read more

Carlos Correa trade rumors: Astros SS could be ‘odd man out’ as club looks to cut payroll

first_imgAstros shortstop Carlos Correa could be traded by the World Series runners-up this offseason, according to a report from Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic.Correa, 25, has been a star most of his career when healthy, but his ability to remain on the field remains a question given his 132 missed games over the past two seasons. Because Houston’s young core is reaching arbitration, Rosenthal wrote, the embattled club appears keen to find ways to cut payroll. The Astros, just a couple of months ago considered a well-run baseball organization, have suffered repeated embarrassment since mid-October. Assistant general manager Brandon Taubman berated female reporters about the enduring employment of closer Roberto Osuna, an alleged domestic abuser, in the clubhouse after an ALCS Game 7 win. Taubman was dismissed — but not after the club without evidence called Sports Illustrated reporter Stephanie Apstein a liar in an official statement after she reported on the matter. Soon after, Houston lost the World Series to the Nationals in seven games despite being the heavy favorites. And just as the offseason was getting underway, the organization faced accusations it set up an illegal system to steal opposing signals, a case MLB is currently investigating.While a trade of Correa would probably not rise to the level of the aforementioned incidents, it would still represent another major shake-up for the Astros, who also expect to lose ace Gerrit Cole in free agency. Houston selected Correa with the first overall pick in the 2012 MLB Draft back with it was among baseball’s worst teams, then rose all the way to a 2017 World Series title with Correa manning a middle-infield position at a high level. He has long been an integral part of the clubhouse and a foundational piece.Correa has hit 102 home runs and in five MLB seasons recorded an .845 OPS. He also rates as a standout defensive shortstop. He has been worth 21.0 wins above replacement by Baseball Reference calculations since entering the league. “No deal appears close, and the timing might not be right for such a move, considering that most teams are set at shortstop and Correa’s trade value is down,” Rosenthal reported. “But at some point, the Astros will need to make difficult decisions, and Correa might be the odd man out.”MORE: Phillies acquire new shortstoplast_img read more

Pizza Klatch Announces New Executive Director

first_imgFacebook281Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Pizza KlatchPizza Klatch is excited to announce the selection of our new Executive Director, Rosalinda Noriega. Board President Marissa Rathbone says, “I believe Rosalinda is the ideal candidate to lead Pizza Klatch into the future based on her professional experience, personal passion for positive social change, and ability to be a thoughtful and responsive leader.”Rosalinda Noriega brings her extensive non-profit background as well as her passionate for helping others to her new position with Pizza Klatch. Photo courtesy: Pizza KlatchFor eleven years, Rosalinda served as founding director for Partners in Prevention Education (PiPE). PiPE is a local non-profit dedicated to serving marginalized youth who are victims of various forms of violence including child abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and human trafficking. In this role, Rosalinda was responsible for creating and overseeing the implementation of all aspects of internal organization and infrastructure including program and policy development, human resources/personnel, budget and fiscal management, contract administration, managing day-to-day operations, outreach, and grant writing. In addition to her administrative duties, she continued to provide one-on-one advocacy to victims of violence; develop and provide professional development training; and provide community education on the cycles of violence, homelessness, and the impacts of trauma.Rosalinda has been a longtime supporter and advocate for Pizza Klatch’s work. As the ED of PiPE, Rosalinda spearheaded organizational efforts to provide financial and in-kind support to Pizza Klatch by incorporating some of PK’s expenses into PiPE’s budget and statement of work in contracts awarded by the Office of Crime Victims Advocacy. As a result, PiPE contributed resources to support the printing of facilitator training materials, as well as to dedicate staff resources to contribute to annual facilitator training and to act as regular guest speakers for various PK groups. For the past twenty-three years advocating on behalf of victims/survivors of violence (LGBTQ, youth, tribal and homeless communities), Rosalinda believes in the Golden Rule. We believe strongly that her skills, experience, and compassionate heart will be paramount to the future success of our organization.Rosalinda will start her work with Pizza Klatch on Monday, August 21. For several weeks, she will be working with outgoing Executive Director Erin Honseler, to ensure a smooth transition.  Pizza Klatch is grateful to both of these talented and dedicated individuals for lending us their passion and energy.  Please join us in thanking Erin Honseler for her work in leading Pizza Klatch over the last fifteen months and in welcoming Rosalinda Noriega to her new post.last_img read more

Search Begins, Interim Superintendent Hired in RB

first_imgBy John BurtonRED BANK – The official search to find a new superintendent of schools has begun and an interim superintendent has been hired.The Board of Education this week formally began the process of filling the vacancy left with the retirement of Laura Morana by selecting two educators who will assume the role of interim superintendents consecutively during the search. The board has also contracted with a firm to conduct the candidate’s search.The board voted unanimously at Tuesday evening’s meeting to hire Harold Reid to serve as an interim superintendent when Morana steps down, effective Sept. 30. Reid will serve until Nov. 1 and earn a per diem fee of $557.60, with that amount set by the Monmouth County’s executive superintendent of schools, according to Debra Pappagallo, the district’s business administrator.Following Reid in November will be Robert Mahon, who will be the interim superintendent until a permanent replacement is found, Board President Ben Forest said.Mahon will earn the same fee as Reid, Pappagallo said.Reid said on Tuesday he worked for the Piscataway public school district for 14 years in a number of positions, including as assistant superintendent and deputy superintendent. He also has a brief history in the Red Bank district, working as an interim principal for the primary school from April through June in 2012 and from March until June this year.“I love it here in Red Bank. It feels like home,” Reid told the board. He said he has no interest in the permanent position.Mahon spent 19 years as superintendent of schools for Ocean Township. He has worked as an interim superintendent in Monmouth County for approximately 10 years, Morana said.He, too, has had a brief history in the district, working as the interim superintendent for a number of months, prior to the board hiring Morana in 2006, Forest said.“So, he already has relationships in the district. He knows the lay of the land,” Forest said.The board hired Leader­ship Advantage, Little Silver, for its superintendent candidate search, agreeing to pay the firm $8,900 for the work. That amount, Forest said, was the lowest bidder “by a significant amount,” among the three quotes the district received. Leadership Advan­tage selected Morana for the board to consider when it last was searching for a superintendent, Forest said,Forest said he expects the search to take six months or longer. “It just takes a while” to find and interview qualified candidates and select the best, he said.Morana has hinted she is weighing her options from some opportunities that have come her way.last_img read more

Lady Cards advance with win over Oroville; Bulldogs, Lady Bulldogs win at ‘home’

first_imgCorning >> The Corning Lady Cardinals came out on top Tuesday night in the opening round of the Division 4 playoffs, taking a 53-37 win over the Oroville Tigers. In a physical match-up, the Cards went up early and finished the first with an 11-6 lead at the end of the first ­— 5 from Kirstie Barr, 4 from Mariah Castle and a pair from Nancy Salas.“Our senior point guard, Kirstie Barr, just really stepped up,” said coach Kol Zuppan. Barr, who was named player of the game, came out in the …last_img

Big risks bearing fruit for Indian Bear Winery

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Those who venture off the beaten paths of Knox County may get to some parts of the hills and gravel roads where the scenery offers ample views of pastures, livestock and an Amish buggy every now and again. If the owners of Indian Bear Winery in Walhonding, Ohio have it their way, those same gravel roads and landmarks will be used by anyone seeking a truly “out-there” winery experience.Unlike wine, the dream and vision of Indian Bear Winery didn’t take long to develop and become a unique destination, but it took a big risk to make it happen.“For quite a while I always wanted to do something more than what I was doing two years ago,” said Brad Collins, co-owner of Indian Bear Winery, who packed up his construction equipment, tool belt and family of five to move from suburban Powell on the north side of Columbus to very rural Walhonding. “Our friends moved here back in 2001 to start a lodging business and a while back I stopped in to see how things were going for them. We began to talk about merging and doing something pretty big out here.”Collins and his wife Coralea, winery co-owners Tom and Sherri Lechner, and wine maker Joe Hollabaugh, did some research and discovered that Ohio’s wine industry had seen very successful years recently and still had some room to grow.“When we started discussing this new venture, we made some road trips to visit other wineries around Ohio and the atmosphere and enthusiasm were contagious,” Collins said. “When you put that together with the popularity of wine today and how the U.S. has surpassed Europe in wine sales recently, we knew we had to get involved.”As you might imagine, the wine industry in Ohio is still a pretty small world. As the owners of Indian Bear Winery looked for others successfully doing what they were planning to do, help, advice and collaboration with other wineries were always welcomed.“Most wineries and vineyards seem to help each other out,” Collins said. “It is something like I’ve never seen in any other industry I have been a part of.”The first step to a great winery is a great wine. That is where Hollabaugh fit into the equation. He brought his wine making skills from Youngstown to Walhonding and his passion for the end product has already garnered awards for the new winery, receiving a Gold Award at this year’s Finger Lakes International Wine Competition for the Indian Bear Winery’s Roscoe’s Red Blend — their signature bottle. They also received a Bronze Award for their Vidal Blanc Riesling.The second step to a great winery is the atmosphere, which let Collins show off his craftsmanship with the construction of a new building used not only to make the wines, but to enjoy them as well.“The Lechners and I designed this building and although most of it is new, there are some aspects that tie in to the history of this property,” Collins said. “We used the oak beams, slate roof and some metal from a century-old barn that is also a part of the new structure.”From the wall-to-wall fireplace, to the bar featuring an American flag colored by the hue of wine bottles, to the observatory deck overlooking the hills of Walhonding, the winery is a true showcase of the area and the wine is a pleasant addition to an already picturesque experience.For more information on Indian Bear Winery’s hours of operation and upcoming events, log on to read more

How Many Tons of Air Does a 2.5 Ton Air Conditioner Move?

first_imgWe live in this invisible stuff called air. (But of course you knew that.) We pump it into and out of our lungs. We exhaust it from our bathrooms and kitchens. We cycle it through our heating and air conditioning systems. If we’re lucky, we live in a home that even brings outdoor air inside as part of a whole-house ventilation system. But we’re missing something.Air seems insignificant. Even though we’re immersed in this fluid continuously, it seems to have no substance. After all, we move through it without noticing it most of the time. But air really is quite substantial. It has weight. It requires work to move it around. It takes energy, even when we’re not heating or cooling it.Let me see if I can help you get a feel for the weight of air. If you live in a home with a forced air heating or cooling system, that system has a blower. The one shown above is typical. It pulls air through the return ducts and into the furnace or air handler. There, it does its heating or cooling magic and sends the air on its merry way back to you through the supply ducts.A fairly typical size for a blower is one that moves 1,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm). How many pounds of air would it move in a day if it runs continuously? Before you scroll down to look at the answer, though, really think about this. Come up with a guess in your mind. How many pounds of air does your air handler move in one day? Write it down.Got that number? Good. Let’s find out how close you are. We just need to do a little bit of easy arithmetic.We may as well begin with volume. If our air handler runs every minute of the day, that would be:Run time = 24 hours x 60 minutes per hour = 1,440 minutes per daySo how many cubic feet of air does our 1,000 cfm blower move in a day?Daily volume = 1,000 cubic feet per minute x 1,440 minutes per day = 1,440,000 cubic feet per dayA cubic foot is about the size of a milk crate. Imagine nearly 1.5 million milk crates of air going through your air handler in one day!So what’s the weight of that 1.44 million cubic feet of air? We need the density of air to find that number. As it turns out, the density of air varies. It changes with your location on the planet. It changes with your height above (or below) sea level. It changes with temperature. It changes with humidity. It changes with… Well, you get the idea.Let’s take a number at sea level that’s a pretty good average density for air. And let’s make it easy by using only two significant figures:Density of air = 0.075 pounds per cubic footNow it should be easy to see the last step.Daily weight = (0.075 pounds per cubic foot) x (1,440,000 cubic feet per day) = 108,000 pounds per dayWe have an easier unit to use when we get up to that many pounds, though. Let’s convert to tons:108,000 pounds per day ÷ 2,000 pounds per ton = 54 tons per dayAnd there we have the answer to our title question. Well, we have an answer that corresponds to the assumptions we made anyway. The biggest one is the number of hours per day the system runs. If yours runs continuously, you’re probably wasting energy and possibly turning your house into a mold factory.If your system runs half the hours in a day, though, the result would be half the number we got above, 27 tons of air per day. Even if your system runs only 15 minutes each hour, or 25% of the time, your system would still be moving over 13 tons of air per day. (Of course, you know that we’re talking actual tons here and this has nothing to do with the tons of cooling capacity of your air conditioner.)But let’s go back to the second question I asked: Under what conditions would your 2.5 ton air conditioner move exactly 2.5 tons of air? At 54 tons per 1,440 minutes, it would take 1 hour 6 minutes and 40 seconds to move 2.5 tons of air. That means the AC would have to run less than 5% of the time. Even the worst offenders in oversized air conditioners aren’t that bad.This little exercise should give you more respect for air now that you know how much weight it carries. Allison Bailes of Decatur, Georgia, is a speaker, writer, building science consultant, and the author of the Energy Vanguard Blog. You can follow him on Twitter at @EnergyVanguard.last_img read more

Filmmaking Lessons from Oscar-Nominated Directors

first_imgThe Directors Guild of America hosted a three-hour conversation with these incredible filmmakers. Here are the takeaways.Cover image via The Directors Guild of America.This year’s Oscar for “Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film Award” went to Guillermo del Toro for The Shape of Water, but in this three-hour conversation, you can learn some valuable filmmaking lessons from all five of the nominees.Hosted by the Directors Guild of America and moderated Jeremy Kagan, this video presents the experiences and perspectives of directors Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water), Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird), Martin McDonagh (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri), Christopher Nolan (Dunkirk), and Jordan Peele (Get Out).In this write-up, I’ve pulled out five key lessons that should prove useful in your own filmmaking journey. If you have the time, the whole conversation is well worth watching, as there are many fascinating filmmaking anecdotes and approaches.1. Stay on Your FeetOne of the first questions Kagan asks is “Where do you position yourself on set?” which seems like a fundamental question. Christopher Nolan, for example, prefers to be as close to the action as possible:I’m always beside the camera, so I always get as close to the camera as possible. I don’t use chairs — we don’t tend to have chairs or a video village on set, so we tend to just try and keep the energy moving.So I tend not to sit down during the day, and I’ll stay right by the camera and try and watch with my eyes what’s going on and take in as much as I can that way.I wear a little UHF monitor around my neck so I can just check framings or use the one mounted on top of the camera, but basically I stay by close to the camera.For directors who like to be a little more aloof, wearing a monitor from the comfort of a chair in video village makes sense to me as an editor. If it’s not in the camera, it’s not in the film. But in order to engage with the actors and direct more intimately, there seems to be no substitute for standing close to the camera.In fact, Greta Gerwig also stays away from the “video village” approach:That I don’t like video village also comes from the fact that I’ve been an actor on a lot of different sets, and I find, as an actor, there’s nothing worse than feeling like there’s a committee that’s a little away, that’s judging everything.And so I like to keep it kind of moving and fleet. So I’m usually by the camera because I like to be sort of a one-person audience — in that way for the actors, that they’re kind of getting the performance to me and the camera at the same time.2. Write for the ScreenImage via the Directors Guild of America.Several of this year’s nominees are also credited as writers on their films; in fact Greta Gerwig, Jordan Peele, Guillermo del Toro and Martin McDonagh were also nominated for Best Original Screenplay.There’s a question for Gerwig about 28 minutes in to the conversation, and in her response, she describes her writing process and the way it translates to the screen, which I think offers some really interesting insights into good screenwriting. The script is the blueprint for the film’s production, but it’s not designed to be published on its own. It carries the rhythm, structure, and feeling of the film that the cast and crew will bring to life.Here are a few of my favorite lines from her response:I would say my movie is almost entirely on the page, even the cuts are on the page . . . I need to know what the rhythm is in an editorial sense, on the page already, I don’t like finding it in the edit in the same way…I like to know how we’re gonna cut from this to this and what that rhythmically will do to the words.Because for me, even though cinema is obviously a visual language, words matter a great deal to me, and the way they sound and the way they interact with the editing . . .So they’re in the bed.And then they’re making the bed.And and then they’re in the car.You can see what Gerwig is talking about in the first page of the shooting script for Lady Bird.She also talks about crafting an opening to the film that is, in essence, the entire film in one moment:I love in movies when it feels like the opening of the movie is the entire movie in a scene. And then you basically watch that entire thing play out.So the opening lines are:“Do you think I look like I’m from Sacramento?” “You are from Sacramento.”“Are you ready to go home?” “Ready.”And I wanted the language both visually, and literally the language that they were saying, to be both simple and plain but also have the ability to be poetic in its own plainness.3. Try New Things with Every FilmOne of the things that surprised me about The Shape of Water is that its budget was only $19.3 million dollars. That’s pretty small for a film of this ambition, and part of del Toro’s solution was to use dry for wet filming techniques, rather than doing tank work for some of the more complicated water scenes.So he had 10-12 puppeteers moving every object that’s floating around in the scene, as in the opening shots of the trailer when the main character is dreaming she is under water.Del Toro describes all this at about 25 minutes in:That’s why I like to experiment with little things on each movie, to get new tools.In this case, I knew that the dry for wet would work. I had done it before, but I really wanted it to be very painterly, and this required a new camera setup. So we tried different mounts, and we ended up with the steady-arm on the dolly, which gave me the fluidity and the precision [I wanted].So what you didn’t have was the XY axis all over the place, and it allowed me to go through doors . . . but not in a nodal way. I could float the head around the corner, as opposed to having the nodal tilt or pan.4. Honest Ideas MatterThe words are important, but the ideas are what’s really crucial.And there are many, many words, many lines that could be replaced with other versions of lines that can get us to these same ideas.Get Out director Jordan Peele shared these thoughts about his approach to filmmaking, which I think is really important to remember throughout the production and post-production processes. The honest ideas at the heart of a film are what audiences will connect with — much more than any one specific line of dialogue or moment.In the DGA conversation, Peele talks about his rehearsal process on the film and how he was struggling to believe that two main characters were really in love, but when he found the honest idea he could focus on, it became believable:I was feeling like I wasn’t believing they were in love . . . The moments that worked were when there was a comedic moment. When somebody said something funny, and the other one laughed. And so that was the thing, it was like ‘That’s it!’You guys are in love because you share a sense of humor, and that’s a love story everybody can relate to. You can be from two different worlds . . . if you are in love with how somebody makes you laugh, then it reminds us of our love . . . so we focused on that, and we even started writing new moments to make sure that side of their relationship was fleshed out.I think this concept of sticking with honest ideas over specific lines or moments is crucial in the editing suite, and it’s similar to the editing concept of ‘killing your darlings’ — those shots or scenes that you worked so hard to produce, but (for whatever reason) just don’t work in the final edit. To make the whole film better, they have to go.Keeping everything that plays to the truth of a character’s motivation, or the truth of the world of the film, will feel coherent and real to the audience, but elements that fail this test will stick out and pull audiences out of the film.5. Embrace AccidentsThere’s a brilliant story from del Toro about embracing the unexpected, which is queued up in the video above.He raises a really important point that is essential for any director: be able to “orchestrate the accident.”I agree with Chris. If this is a circus, you are creating an arena. You need to define, prepare, plan, codify, everything. So within that space,  there’s not such a thing as an unlimited freedom — that’s madness. You need a limit, to be free within that limit.So the more you prepare, the more the accident will be benign. What I think is a disaster is when somebody doesn’t prepare and an accident happens. The reason why we can have the strands and say this is the good one is because we were fully prepared. And then you can identify the opportunity. But if you don’t [prepare], the opportunity melds with the disaster, and you don’t identify it.Each director talked about having to embrace accidents and disappointments, on a daily basis, and use all of their preparation and filmmaking craft to turn them into elements that benefitted the final film.Looking for more filmmaking articles? Check these out.SXSW Arts: Meet the Interactive Documentary Connecting the World Finding Symmetry and Color in a Dystopian FutureInvisibility: The Secret to Editing and Shooting an InterviewOn Fading to Black: The Hows, The Whens, and The WhysInterview: 7 Filmmaking Tips for Creating Retro ’80s Actionlast_img read more

Castro admits De Ocampo irreplaceable

first_imgLOOK: Loisa Andalio, Ronnie Alonte unwind in Amanpulo for 3rd anniversary “I’m still not used to it because he’s our captain, our vocal leader and that what makes him the anchor of the team,” said his former teammate Jayson Castro on Wednesday after the KaTropa edged NLEX, 112-107, in their first game without the veteran forward. “And you can’t really replace a Ranidel in your team.”“Trade has been done and we have no choice but to move forward and embrace the change. No one person can replace RDO. It takes everybody pitching in,” echoed TNT head coach Nash Racela in a text message to on Tuesday.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutCastro knows exactly what he’s talking about having shared six championships with de Ocampo. Both won a couple of Finals MVP awards during those title runs.“It was sad when we found out that he got traded, but I guess there’s a reason why he was traded to Meralco,” said Castro, who was also teammates with de Ocampo with Gilas Pilipinas. Frontrow holds fun run to raise funds for young cancer patients  Ex-President Noynoy Aquino admits contracting pneumonia PLAY LIST 01:28Ex-President Noynoy Aquino admits contracting pneumonia00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC LATEST STORIES Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Read Next BSP sees higher prices in November, but expects stronger peso, low rice costs to put up fight MOST READcenter_img Fire hits houses in Mandaluyong City The 35-year-old de Ocampo visited TNT practice to bid farewell to the team, which he played for eight seasons.Castro said de Ocampo told the team to just “accept” the change and “move on.”“That’s basketball. And it’s something we have no control over,” the explosive guard said.ADVERTISEMENT Nonong Araneta re-elected as PFF president WATCH: Streetboys show off slick dance moves in Vhong Navarro’s wedding E.T. returns to earth, reunites with grown-up Elliott in new ad  Photo by Tristan Tamayo/ INQUIRER.netRanidel de Ocampo can space the floor, break down his defender in the post and has a knack for hitting big shots.De Ocampo was traded to Meralco on Monday and TNT will surely miss all of those and so much more.ADVERTISEMENT Golovkin skips birth of daughter to train for title fight View commentslast_img read more

Arda Turan steals winner in Atletico’s 2-1 win over Real Madrid

first_imgArda Turan and Tiago Cardoso scored the goals for Atletico MadridAtletico Madrid won 2-1 at Real Madrid in the Spanish league on Saturday to take a small measure of revenge for last season’s loss of the European Cup final to its crosstown rival.Atletico struck first through Tiago Cardoso’s header in the 10th minute, but otherwise Madrid dictated the first half with Cristiano Ronaldo leveling from a penalty the forward earned in the 26th.The second half, however, was all Atletico as Arda Turan went on and scored the 76th-minute winner before fellow substitute Antoine Griezmann went close to adding another.Madrid’s second straight loss left it four points behind the defending champion, and six points adrift of Barcelona after the league leader beat Athletic Bilbao 2-0 thanks to Neymar’s brace from a pair of passes by Lionel Messi.”We have to analyze this problem and try to solve it quickly,” Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti said.Madrid can always say it beat Atletico in the Champions League final last May. But the reality is that Atletico, for so long so inferior to Madrid, has gotten the better of Spanish capital derbies over the past year and a half.Under coach Diego Simeone, Atletico has won three of its last five visits to Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. It all started when Atletico won the Copa del Rey there in 2013, and it has continued with consecutive wins in league play to add to a draw before winning a second leg of the Spanish Super Cup at the Vicente Calderon in August.advertisementSimeone’s vehement protest in that Super Cup win earned him a multi-game ban that he was still serving on Saturday from a glassed-in box where he watched assistant German Burgos keep his team unbeaten through five matches in all competitions this season.”We don’t feel at home here, no. We have a lot of respect for these grounds,” Simeone said. “It’s difficult to win here but we had a good start. Later, I didn’t like how we played because we lost the ball. Moving Koke into midfield gave us more fluidity, Arda going on gave us playmaking, and Griezmann gave us speed.”Tiago took the opener when he slipped inside Karim Benzema’s mark to head in Jorge “Koke” Resurreccion’s corner kick at the near post.Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal from the penalty spot for Real MadridMadrid looked to Ronaldo to answer, and he showed no sign of his recent injury that kept him sidelined for the past two weeks when he blew by Siqueira, who fouled him in the area to set up his spot kick.Simeone’s ruse of reserving Griezmann as a second-half reinforcement with Turan, who recently recovered from injury, worked to perfection as the attacking players picked apart Madrid’s weary defense.Javier Hernandez made his debut for Madrid after his transfer from Manchester United when he replaced Benzema, but it was Turan who fired the ball just by the post in the 73rd in a warning of what was to come.Arda Turan celebrates after scoring the late goal for Atletico MadridGriezmann played Juanfran Torres free on the right flank for him to cross the ball toward two unmarked Atletico players. Raul Garcia let the ball roll by for the better-positioned Turan to drill beyond the diving Iker Casillas.At Camp Nou, Neymar again started on the bench and had to watch Munir El Haddadi create Barcelona’s best chances until he replaced the young forward in the 62nd minute.But Messi soon played Neymar clear after Sergio Busquets stole the ball for him to score his first goal for Barcelona this season in the 79th.Five minutes later, Messi dribbled to the end line before passing back for Neymar to slot in his second and make Barcelona the only team to have won all three games this season.While Neymar went a long way to convincing coach Luis Enrique he should regain his starting role, Messi continued his impressive start. Of Barcelona’s six goals through three wins, he has scored two and set up three more.”Messi is not only the best in the world for the goals he scores but also because of the assists he makes,” Luis Enrique said. “He is the best in every facet of the attack. I watch him in practice and he does things that you can’t even see on a PlayStation.”Real Sociedad salvaged a 2-2 comeback draw at Celta Vigo when defender Jonny Castro scored an own goal in stoppage time. Fabian Orellana and Joaquin Larrivey put Celta ahead before Imanol Agirretxe pulled one back for Sociedad in the 69th.advertisementMalaga drew 0-0 at home with Levante.last_img read more